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Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Yesterday my boys gave me a run for my money. When I arrived at Roxas’ party, he didn’t notice me at first. He was so cute playing with his friends as they threw heart balls at a balloon monster. Then he noticed me.... and turned into a big ball of whiney fake tears, literally hanging off my leg. Why..... Whhhyyyyy???? 😵

And Axel hasn’t had a straight solid nap for three days! Why? Who knows??? He’s decided he doesn’t want to sleep more than 20 minutes.... 😓

It’s tough sometimes. I know this is cliche and a bit cheesy, but man, it’s also amazing. In the same moments where Roxas acts out, he also hugs me tight and begs for me to love him. Axel cries because he doesn’t want to be separated from me and he just wants to stare and stare at me. I’ve been reminded that patience is a virtue for a reason. Yes, they do things that drive me absolutely crazy. And even though they consistently drive me up the wall, and my soul has cried a thousand tears for my own sanity 😝, I am reminded every morning that this is what LOVE is. It’s hard, it’s beautiful, it’s worth it. When I see their faces and they smile up at me or ask for a hug or hold my hand or just plain talk to me, I know that this is what I was created to do. To raise my littles and share with them true love. Real love that isn’t easy but that is deep and unending. ❤️ Thank you Valentine’s Day for being more than a couple’s holiday! Thank you for representing love and for reminding us of how we should love!!!!! 👦👶

Location: Belleville, IL

Models: Roxas & Axel

Heart Balloons: Schnucks

Flower: Old Time Pottery

How many baby loves do you have, friends??? 😊

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