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Updated: Jan 31, 2019

When I was 36 weeks pregnant with my sweet baby #2, I had the bright idea to co-coordinate a

Mother-Son Dance at my church. Not one of the greatest plans, Laura......

But the moment that "Star Wars" came out of their mouths, I knew. I knew........

It had to be mine.

A Mother-Son Lightsaber Battle........

There was no way I could not be involved. Star Wars runs in my blood. My dad literally lived and breathed a healthy combination of 3 things: Star Trek. Godzilla. Star Wars.

So my younger brothers and I also grew up watching every single movie, episode, spin-off, cartoon, 3rd-rate mock-films, anything that was even remotely related, and we grew to hold an honorable (and distant) admiration for our Father's action figure (not "toys") collection.

When the church employee shared some ideas about what could happen at this, so called,

"Star Wars" event, I couldn't help but focus my whole being on what they came up with.

Well, let's just say the coordinator didn't know who Yoda was..... Or stormtroopers. Or lightsabers. Or Jedi even.

I stopped them right there. Nope. Nope. Nope.

If you are going to do a Star Wars event, you NEED to do a STAR WARS event.

You know what I mean?????

No riffraff. No knock-offs. Nothing of the sort. I could not allow our humble establishment to be embarrassed and mocked in front of the Star Wars thriving world. Nor could I allow such disgrace fall upon Star Wars itself. Not happening on my watch. So that's how I became the head-coordinator for the Mother-Son Lightsaber Battle at 36 weeks pregnant.

As you can tell, I love Star Wars. Old. New. Yes, even the ones in the middle. I am dedicated. So when we encouraged mamas to dress up with their sons for this party, I was sure-as-stink going to dress up as well! Watermelon belly and all!

The night comes. My mother and I spent 12 hours on our feet that day decorating for the most epic Star Wars party you've ever been to (for 200 people even)! And lo and behold, as the party begins, my 2 1/2 yr old and I innocently meander our exhausted selves to the family restroom to change into our most stunning and honoring Star Wars wardrobes (not "costumes").

The moment I attempt a tiny leg into the Stormtrooper suit, Roxas proceeded to throw himself on the bathroom floor, screaming like a bat. I attempted a few more hopeless times. But what can a mama who can't even see her feet do?

So, forget it. I had no time for this. It would be fine. No stress. I was going to enjoy this! The one time I had the opportunity to actually dress up like a Star Wars character (Padme even!!) without looking like a fruit loop, I had to make it happen! This night wasn't just about him!

Star Wars. Me. Dress. Lightsabers. I had worked so hard for this, my feet were like rubber. This was GOING to happen.

As you can probably guess if you have toddlers yourself, things didn't quite go the way I had imagined in my dreamland fantasy. Let's just say Roxas hated my dress, too. And screamed till his face was maroon, full snot and tears running like tiny river-streams all over me, the dress. Anytime I attempted to fasten the straps, he ripped them down without much effort (curse you velcro!!!!).

No way could I go out there with a 10 lb belly, a screaming toddler, and a dress that could (most definitely would) be ripped down to my feet any moment. Ultimately, we spent the rest of the night in our boring pajamas (yep, I had worn comfy Little Mermaid pjs to work in all day, expecting to partay in my dress all night), and my poor poor poor poor amazing beautiful other-worldly once-in-a-lifetime "Queen" dress went unused. Bunched up in a white plastic trash bag in the floorboard of my car.

Sad day.

So, happy news. Here comes the great snow storm of 2019. I had an idea. A spark of a daydream.

I remembered the dress. Still in that same white trash bag in my costume tote in the basement.

What better way to spend the day than in the 10+ inches of snow with a Padme dress????

I convinced (is coerced too strong??) my beautiful model of a cousin to don the gown, while strategically avoiding to tell her where it came from (genius on my part), and we took the most stunning shots!

Tell me you wouldn't want to wear that thing to a Star Wars party???!!!!!!!!

Makayla, girl. Even though you may not have known what you were getting yourself into,

you rocked this!!!! You make beautiful look easy!

Model: Makayla

Location: Belleville, IL

Dress: CosplayDiy on Amazon (Star Wars Queen Padme Amidala Cosplay)

Earrings: Jewel by Plunder Design

Photography: Laura Hocking Photography

Man, I want to wear that thing. Seeing these makes me want to just suck it up and be one of those "Walmart people" who don't care and just show up in their "bold" attire as if its normal. I could be that lady: "Star-Wars-weird-lady in Queen Amidala costume"... I wonder if people would be freaked out....

Don't say I'm the only one who's ever imagined doing that???

Anyone want to join me?


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