Baby Millie | Newborn Session in Maryville, IL | St. Louis Photography

Little Miss Millie joined us 3 weeks early, and she is making a massive impact! Her family is so so so in love. Seeing just how her two older brothers looked at her brings tears to these mama eyes. There is nothing quite as beautiful as seeing such innocent and pure love.

She had the most beautiful raven hair, thick and full, just like her brother Eli had when he was born! Monica and Curtis showed me his newborn pictures and holy cow! they were almost identical! Lucas was excited to show me his newborn book, too (which I LOVE to do, by the way! If I'm ever new to your house - watch out! I love to stalk your photos! Dust off those old wedding albums!!! I want to see!!!!).

Eli and Lucas grew comfortable with me fast and were soon my little models! Anytime I asked, "Can you come here for a picture," they immediately ran to me and did just as I asked, even coming up with ideas on their own! Always such lovely sweet smiles, ones which I know their baby sister will love!!!

Take a look at the perfect family of 5 and a few rare shots of their fur baby as well!

Location | Maryville, Illinois

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