Taul Family | Mom & Me Session in Alton, IL | St. Louis Photography

Chris, Kacey, and Sammy made our Sunday morning session so easy! They arrived just as rain seemed like it would roll in. There were dark clouds hovering above us, and the occasional rain drop.

We jumped into pictures, and although it took Sammy a little bit to warm up to me, the moment she discovered I had a rainbow (or butterflies) in my lens, we were fast friends!

Kacey works at the NICU, which I am adamant is one of the most amazing jobs in the world. She literally works with the most perfect and innocent beings on Earth. How remarkable!

All throughout the session, Sammy carried with her a little ring her mama had given her. It was so so so sweet! I took a picture of it, so look out for it as you look through these sweet moments with their mama!

Location: Riverview Park, Alton, IL

I loved meeting all of you!!!!!!!!!

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