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This past weekend was a marathon of events!

My boys and I headed home to my in-laws to spend the weekend as we celebrated my nephew's 6th birthday! It was going to be BIG!!!!

As some of you might know, Thayer has an avid love for Superheroes. Of the Marvel variety. He has some amazing costumes that he wears constantly; and he is the cutest little superhero running around. Makes me wish I could have my own collection... or live vicariously through my children........

As my BIL & SIL make room for baby Hocking's nursery, Thayer had a room upgrade as part of his birthday. Completely fully decked out in superhero theme. So a few weeks back, us ladies were discussing present ideas for his party, and I had the brain baby idea to gift Thayer with a mini-photo session to go along with his room. So not just any photo session.

A superhero one.......

In order to make it happen, the boys and I had to make an impromptu drive all the way to Mt. Carmel in the middle of the week to meet him after school. I had dreams of Spider Man and Captain America and Iron Man and Hulk, all my favorites. But, instead, he was adamant that he only wanted one costume.


For those of you who don't know who Venom is, he is an anti-hero character in the Spider-Man Universe that recently came out with a movie (Yes, I'm a nerd....). He is a bit creepy. A bit dark. And a bit disturbing.... lol. Not my favorite superhero, obviously, but I was going to make it work.

When I got there, I secretly was worried he was gonna revolt and not want to take pictures. He can be a bit shy in front of the camera. But boy, was I surprised. When he stepped out, completely covered head to toe in his costume, I felt so much joy. My brain immediately started turning and brainstorming. I was going to make him the best Venom that ever existed. I didn't know how exactly, but it was going to happen.

An overwhelming sense of pride took over me. We went out, and a short 15 minutes later we were done. Finished. Zip.

The next week I took to the internet, studied, worked and reworked, and finally put together my first ever composite images.

Here is Venom, my friends.

It's ok if he disturbs you. LOL!!!!

Thayer had no idea what was coming. He thought we just went outside and took some pictures......

So this past weekend was his actual birthday and party that we had worked so hard to get to.

Friday night we had a family night on the town - there were Superheroes who were visiting downtown and the boys traveled with us to meet them! Thayer got his picture taken with the whole gang and was so enraptured with his picture. It was so so sweet.

Roxas, on the other hand, was absolutely terrified. LOL! I mean, who wouldn't be if you were cornered in a tiny room with massively tall men in leotards.......

As you can tell in these pictures, Thayer and Roxas love each other. A lot. Such a special relationship = cousin love!

On Saturday was Thayer's Venom-Hulk Birthday Pool Party. He had tons of friends over and got some amazing presents!!!

And finally, at the end he got to open the Venom poster I had printed for his room!!! At first, he had no idea it was him. I had to explain, and slowly he understood. It was sooooo cool to see his expression. He really looked like Venom.

People couldn't believe it was him! He was a little super star!!!!

Location: Mt. Carmel, IL

Pool Center: Wabash Valley College Pool

Birthday Cake: Donut Bank Bakery

Venom/Hulk Design: Emily Goodson

He had such a wonderful weekend and we were so so happy to be a part of celebrating him.

We love you Thayer!!!

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