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Soooo, this family took me to the land of Narnia.

No, just kidding. But holy cow, was it beautiful! Not only did it have the most gorgeous home that seemed straight out of a Victorian book, but the land around it was so lush and green with epic trees (my favorite!!!) and a lake, and vast fields of beautiful and Narnia-like flora.

I couldn't have been happier for their choice of location! I try to encourage clients to think outside the box - to find a location that may not be their first thought, but that is unique or that may have a special meaning to them.

The Boeving Family delivered that!!!!! And I am so desperately happy with how this session turned out. They were so full of smiles the whole time!

Carter & Claire took such good care of their little cousin, Alex, who was a bit timid in front of the camera. They helped bring out his personality in such a fun and natural way. And I looooved seeing the sweet interactions between Alex and his daddy, Brian. I think seeing a dad interact with their littles can make anyone's heart melt.

As for Niki & Kolby, when I shot some "lovey-dovey" shots, they literally did not even bat an eye!! They were pros in front of the camera, and delivered some amazing SPARK! And don't even get me started on Ms. PJay and her hubby, Jim, who told me his name was "No Name" when I arrived. With a massive mischievous grin, of course. I knew right then we were going to have a GREAT time. These two made each other smile ear-to-ear and laugh non-stop! It was so contagious.

And not only that, but the whole family dressed in perfectly synchronized colors, and it made my creative soul sooooo happy!!!!!!

Fun Fact: Niki & Ms. PJay work at my sons' Mother's Day Out program, and that's how we got connected!!!!

Check out their beautiful family photos!

Location | O'Fallon, Illinois

Thank you for bringing so much joy to our session!!

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