The Boyers | Family Session at the History Museum in Waterloo, IL | St. Louis Photography

The Boyers and I go way back. Josh and Kayla led a small group when I was a senior in high school a good 12 years ago, and not too long after, Josh and I worked in ministry together! They may be the coolest people you know!

We had a lot of fun traversing around the Monroe County History Museum grounds. Beautiful place! I had no clue such a perfect little area was placed smack-dab in the middle of Waterloo. Not only did we have fun running around trees, playing in dirt, locking the boys in the outdoor jail, frolicking after sweet no-longer-a-baby Thea, and taking beautiful portraits in the glowing sunlight, but we also traipsed right through a yellow-jacket nest. No worries, no children were harmed in the making of these pictures..... Now for Frosty, their pup, and the photographer...... we might have made a few friends in the stinger department.

But thankfully neither of us are allergic, so we survived to see another day and made it through our session with all smiles and only limping slightly. They liked my legs apparently. LOL!

I got to see Josh and Kayla bedazzle me with their "ZING" and I couldn't be any happier with the joy that they bring to all of their portraits. Their kids were a hoot - constantly laughing, throwing a thumb up, a tongue out, or giving me a special funny face, just for my enjoyment. I LOVED it!

Check out the Boyers!

Location | Monroe County History Museum in Waterloo, Illinois

You guys are the best!

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