The Chamberlains | Family Session in Waterloo, IL | St. Louis Photography

I'm not even sure I can say anything that can perfectly describe this family of 4...

The Chamberlains are.... well, hilarious, for one... I don't think there's ever been a time where I was with them that I didn't leave grinning ear to ear. They are unique, quirky, devoted, deeply caring, introverted (except for Jeff), joke-ready, competitive, beautiful, Christ-following, book-loving, weirdos. And I mean that in the best possible way. LOL! I actually have a deep love for weirdos, so it's actually a huge huge compliment, friends. They are my kind of people. They have so much spunk, I had a hard time reining in their epicness! We met, had tons of fun, met some goats, and the enjoyed some of Abbey's amazing gooey-butter cake. SHE IS THE BEST!!!!

Here is the session that brought so much laughter!!!

Location | Waterloo, Illinois

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