The Cummins Family | Family Session at Drost Park in Maryville, IL | St. Louis Photography

What started out as Mom & Me Session unfolded into a mini Family Session, and boy was I excited about that! I LOVE family sessions! Especially when it has anything to do with a fun family who jump in and join me on my crazy expedition, despite my odd requests and prompts!

I was really worried we were going to have reschedule because THIS RAIN!!! It has been raining back and forth nonstop for who-knows how long!!! One day the weather chart said it supposed to be sunny, and the next day it said it was pouring. How in the world could we plan based on that?

But luckily, the Cummins family were willing to prepare for last minute decisions! And we ended up meeting like we planned!

My mom tagged along to hang out with the boys at the park, and although we got a liiitttlleee bit turned around in this unexpectedly massive place, Jason & Jamie finally saved me and we enjoyed such a fun session!

Back in 2010-2012 I was a Children's Minister and Audrey & Chase were two of my itty bitty students!!!! When I arrived, I about fainted because Audrey was TALLER than ME!!!! And looked so glamorous!!! How could she be in 8th grade? Last time I had seen her she was in preschool. And sweet little Chase was in the 2 yr old class. And now, he was so so grown up! I just couldn't even believe it.

I feel so old, guys.....

And since I had seen them last, they had also added to their family with sweet little Reed.

I loved getting to meet them all again and learn more about how their lives have developed over the years. They were super troopers and even when I asked them to do crazy things, like make direct eye contact, and touch foreheads, and run, and fiddle with their hair, they all took it like champs! We had such a blast and they made the session so easy and stress-free!

Thank you Cummins family!!!!!!

Location: Drost Park in Maryville, IL

When we were finished, they headed home to their rowdy little puppy, and I wandered off to find Roxas chasing little kids like a dinosaur..... Who didn't see that coming???

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