the Gamblins | a family session at the Victorian Footbridge in Forest Park | St. Louis, Missouri

The Gamblins were the sad client-victims of the great 2020! We scheduled our session together in the fall of 2020, and of course, as all things went last year, it just couldn't happen!!! All of those months of scheduling and rescheduling because of one thing or another - and when we finally met, I honestly felt like we were lifelong friends! We had talked so much throughout the year, that they didn't feel like strangers in the slightest.

We had so much fun together and though Kolin was a little apprehensive at the beginning (as most kids are when they meet me), by the end he was squealing and running and giving me flowers and coming up with the best photo ideas!

It was a beautiful rendezvous in Forest Park at the Victorian Footbridge. The bridge is gorgeously vintage and epic, but also completely in the middle of nowhere. We almost didn't find each other. Like really.

We found each other rather miraculously. GPS doesn't take you there; in fact, Lady Siri took me around and around and around, using the all the roads and highways around it. But none took you straight there. So finally, I parked and decided to pull out my good ole map (on my phone.... which was nearly dead...) and play Where's Waldo. I found my way there without dying - yay me! And the Gamblins found me, and we made magic happppeeennnn!!!!!

Check out this family filled with love and laughter!

Location | Victorian Footbridge, Forest Park, St. Louis, MO

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