The Grounds Family | Extended Family Session in Mount Carmel, IL | St. Louis Photography

During this COVID-19 time, my boys and I have been living with relatives, due to my hubby's work at the hospital. Being able to stay with my in-laws at the farm, I was able to capture some amazing shots for my Brother+Sister-in-law's family with my 85mm long lens!!!!! It has become my best friend these last few weeks, helping me keep distance while being able to get close-up shots! 💓

Such a beautiful beautiful location and the most amazing family with impeccable style; so dear to my heart!

Ellen and Randy raised the most amazing daughter, Alyssa (or 'Lyssa as my boys call her), who is so much like me sometimes, I feel like we're actually sisters! She is definitely a soul mate of mine. My brother-in-law is growing out his facial hair, and MAN - he completely knocked it out of the park!!! Talk about one kingly beard!!! I'm all about it! Keep it up, buddy!!!!

Peyton, who is nearing the teens (NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!), always blesses me with her perfect model smile! She knows exactly how I want her to pose. Could possibly be because I've forced her to model for me a dozen times or so................. or more......... But you can see why! She is so so photogenic! My angel girl!

Thayer, my nephew, and my son's absolute best friend and somewhat idol 😃, has officially grown his two front teeth, which he did not have the last time I saw him!!!! That is one of many things I absolutely hate about this whole quarantine situation. Missing out on the moments of the people in my life. Especially with my niece and nephews.

And lastly, the cutest smiley baby you have ever seen - my little Sawyer. He has grown so much and I can't even bare that he will be 9 months!!! You can tell he's used to my camera. Literally, he is the only baby I know that will directly stare at my camera for nearly 100% of the session! LOL! Makes my job a lot easier, let me tell you! A lot less dancing, peek-a-boo, and generally making a fool out of myself. 🤣

Enjoy the other half of my Hocking Family: The Grounds!!!

Location | Mount Carmel, Illinois

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