The Gruenewalds | A Carlyle Lake Family Session at the General Dean Bridge | Carlyle, Illinois

We have known this sweet family since our college days! Although we didn't know them together back then. Norman was housemates with my hubby, and was a groomsman in our wedding. And Beth was a fellow classmate, but who I didn't know super well.

Later in years, after we had all graduated college, and moved on to different adventures, Norm and Beth circled round and found each other! Recently we had the opportunity to all get together once again, all of the guys who were housemates and their wives. It was pretty surreal. How we've all grown and matured, and our families have expanded. Such a cool feeling, looking at the faces you've known since you were 18.

Every year Beth and Norm have a specific photo that they ask for that they made a tradition after their first year of marriage. They wanted to remember each year they've been together in their family portrait. So each year they bring a frame with the picture of last year's photo. That way every family portrait they take has last year's photo, which has the year before's, and that one has the year before's, and so on.

And this year, to add it that special tradition, they asked to take a shot with this pink balloon, in memory of the unborn baby girl they lost. And also to capture the beautiful mementos they had have her, including her sonogram, her memory box, and a special pendant to remember her by. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


These kind of things are what make the world go round. This is pure love right here.

Location | General Dean Suspension Bridge, Carlyle Lake, Carlyle, Illinois.

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