The Hocking Cousins | A Rainy Birthday Weekend in Mount Carmel, IL | St. Louis Photography

We headed to my in-laws for a weekend of fun, celebrating all the birthdays we missed during COVID! It was the first time in a while that all the cousins were able to play together, so we decided to make some memories together!

We spent the whole entire day on the water slide my MIL rented. It was cloudy the whole time, and we were worried it would rain any second, so we didn't let a moment be wasted! It was my first time going down a slide like this, so at first I was nervous. I'm not a super outdoorsy sun person. Usually me and the sun don't mix. Sun + Laura = Toasted Laura. Even with sunscreen, I tend to still get pretty crisp.

But I knew if Roxas was going to have the courage to go down, I would have to do it first and go out into the desert. So I lathered a barrel of sunscreen on us both and had a whole day of fun with the kids. Even Mimi went down and the kids LOVED it! I still did get sunburned, but it was worth it to spend with my boys and cool off on such a humid summer day.

We ended our weekend with these cousin portraits, and they were the cutest!!

Location | Mount Carmel, Illinois

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