The Mellors | Family Session at Drost Park in Maryville, IL | St. Louis Photography

Eeeeeek eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!

These are all EXCITED DANCING eeks!!

I just can't believe how magical these turned out. Not only was the weather, just AMAZING, randomly and so midwest-like, but the Mellors just left me speechless. I mean, just wow.

Not only were the gentlemen dressed for major success, but Katie-oh-Katie was ready to share some of her perfect looks with me! I mean, this girl, friends...... I don't even have to prompt her most of the time!!! I pull out my camera and she is ready, bringing magic before my very eyes. It's like she feels what I imagine in my soul and DOES it without me even asking!!!! And Jacob was right there, jumping into every crazy idea like a boss, encouraging me so sweetly the whole way.

Those two were on FIRE, sharing all of their love for each other and their babe (Max). It was just absolutely perfect. We so much enjoyed meandering through this gorgeous park, loving the changing colors, and we even spotted the cutest little family of ducks near the lake shore.

Max did everything I asked him to, and even gave me some of that Mellor spark of creativity, showing off his perfect smile, and looking all dapper and suave with his hair like that. I couldn't be more excited to share with you these magical, and almost FAIRY TALE like (if my Disney-geeky self might say), family portraits that bring all the smiles!

Location | Drost Park, Maryville, Illinois

Could they be any more perfect???

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