The O'Laughlins | Maternity Portraits at the Jewel Box in Forest Park | St. Louis Photography

My college roommate is pregnant and due not too long from now!!

The best thing about having life-long friends is that you grow old together. You are there for each other through weddings, through getting used to marriage, through the first jobs, the first adult milestones, through aging. And the best part? You get to be there when each other have kids. You get to see your best friends blossom and grow into parenthood, and vice versa.

It's such a special experience.

Min Kyoung and Aaron had their first two children while they lived in South Korea. So I was only able to see their babes whenever I visited once every other year.

But now? She's here.

In St. Louis.

And I get to experience all of the joys of holding your friend's baby, and seeing the eyes that look like hers, or the smile that looks like his, or the toes that look like nobody's.

I can't wait to meet you!!!

Location | The Jewel Box at Forest Park in St. Louis, Missouri

Blue Maternity Dress | PINKBLUSH

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