The Quartons | a Cozy Lifestyle Newborn Session | Highland, IL

Annie Kate has joined the world!

I had the privilege of photographing her older sister's newborn photos, which makes me absolutely THRILLED to continue in capturing these beautifully sweet moments for this family of FOUR!!!!!

I'm not gonna lie.... I may or may not be trying to brainwash their children. It took one word. That's it. Well, ok. Under-exaggeration. It probably took more words than that. But the one word I selectively HEARD was "Disney." One day Eric let me know, "Hey, Quinn loves Toy Story."

That's it. That's all I needed to know - immediately the sky glowed white and I could hear imaginary angel voices all around us. From then on, I vowed to make her my padawon, my official apprentice. A fellow Disney-lover-in-the-making needs a guide. And I will be that. It is my official goal from now on: to raise her right and pass on my Disney wisdom. A few Disney-bribes here and there to keep the flame burning! As for Annie, you better believe I grabbed her the cutest little Ariel outfit. Start 'em young, they say....

Now that I think of it.... Eric. Shani. How in the world did we not think to do at least ONE Disney shot?????? Oh boy....

Anyhoooooo, moving on to less creepily nerdy conversations...

Annie is gorgeous. I can see so much of her parents in her. I can't help but smile as I edited these, seeing the way she looked like her mom in this image, and how in the next she reminded me so much of her dad.

She is so so loved already. I can't wait to see the woman she grows into.

Location | Highland, Illinois

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