The Schanuels | Family Session at the Jewel Box, Forest Park, St. Louis, MO | St. Louis Photography

This is my second time photographing this family!!

A year ago when little miss Miriam was just born I got to come into their home and capture them at their cozy home. But this year we wanted to change it up! We thought long and hard about where we could go on a cold Winter's day, and finally, the Schanuels came up with the Jewel Box in Forest Park!

So for this family celebrating their two winter babies, we had a photo session in the humidity loving greenhouse. I had never been there before, so I was excited and nervous to see what it was like. It ended up being perfect! It was warm (I may have melted a little in my sweater...), with greens on every side, and it was actually quite elegant! There was a small courtyard surrounded by wild things on all sides. And the sun came through the glass walls and ceiling in such a way that there was this fairy-tale-like glow.

Naomi was the perfect little model and gave me all of her best smiles! And it only took Miriam a few snacks and few silly faces from her mama and daddy to get those sweet sweet giggle grins out!

Thank you, Schanuels, for taking me on this adventure!

Location | The Jewel Box, Forest Park, St. Louis, Missouri

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