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Updated: Mar 4, 2019

If you read my "about me" page or know me personally, you know that my photography origin story started quite young! My dad was an avid picture lover. He was a hobbyist photographer and there was more than once that we pulled over on the side of the road so I could walk through a creek to pose on a rock or climb into a pile of leaves for a "glamour" shot. He was THAT guy.

I hated it so much. But I loved it. Come on, you know how preteens are. Roll their eyes and huff to your face but then deep down inside you are pulling at the tiny strings of their developing heart.

I would grumble and complain having to go out and "pose," but even though I was reluctant then, I was always so happy to see myself in the pictures he printed and hung all over the walls. My family has the most epic picture collection from our travels and memories because of it. And when my dad passed away young, those same pictures I stare at with a new love.

Pictures are special like that. A rare magic. A simple moment frozen on paper. And yet that one picture holds a history of memories. When I look at the picture of my 11 yr old self sitting on a large moldy rock in the middle of a stream, I see more than what is printed. I remember how I felt that day, so miserable and embarrassed as my dad hollored his instructions. I recall that my mom and brothers waited for us in the car up the hill. Why were we there again? Oh yeah! We were on a family vacation out west - the first big trip we had ever taken. And the last. That thought then sparks even more memories of the special (and crazy) moments we had together with my dad before he left us.

One memory leads to another and before you know it, a single image has taken you in a full circle of all things you want to remember and never forget.

Because of that very reason I love photography. And as my own children grow and develop, I so desperately want to grasp and cling to each and every moment. I never want to forget their smiles, the way they look at me, the sparkle in their eyes, the dimples in their chins, the way they sit and flop and move and crawl......

I became a photographer because I don't want to lose those moments. But I also love being able to do that for other people.

I love photography of all kinds. Posed, unposed, outdoors, lifestyle. It all captures another piece, another side of people. It tells a story.

Because of that, I have a dream. A dream to be a photographer. A dream to pursue my dreams at nearly 30 (eek, next month!!!!). A dream to leave my fears behind and stare my future in the face and know that the only thing holding me back is myself.

In August I took a leap to start my photography dream⇄career. And starting in December I took the next step towards it. I had the opportunity to follow one of the most amazing photographers - Shelly Goodman. She photographed my wedding, and both of my Maternity & Newborn shoots for my boys. I love her. And as long as she'll let me, I'll always use her to document the most precious moments in my life! She is a fine art photographer in St. Louis who does amazing work. And she even shoots in FILM!!!!! *gasp* How cool is that??!!!!! Seriously, though, if you haven't checked her out, do it!!!! Talk about #goals!

Anyhoooo (I'll stop fangirling now....). She gave me the most wonderful opportunity to take the next step in my photography dream⇄career: weddings!

I had the privilege of assisting and 2nd shooting for a wedding of hers at the end of 2018. And because she is amazing, she mentored me in her spare time that day, as well as let me practice and take some portraits with my own camera to share with you all!

Guys, this wedding.....

Let's just say I apologized profusely for making her photograph my wedding... lol!!! Don't get me wrong, my wedding was perfect in every way. Back then, though (10 years!!! woot woot!), I lacked in my pinterest-following ways. My detail wasn't as spectacular....

This wedding was absolutely gorgeous!!!!! Held at the Stone House of St. Charles, it was one of the most spectacular wedding venues I have EVER seen!

I drove up and my jaw literally dropped.

It was absolutely freezing, of course. I thought my fingers might fall off. But it was so so so so worth it! I enjoyed every single breathtaking moment. Even though I didn't know who a single person was, I totally cried when they read their vows.

And I discovered that - yes, weddings are part of my dream!!! Someday, I pray to reach it!

But right now I am so so thankful to be able to study, learn, and grow into who I dream of being.

Look through, and enjoy the little details with me!

Wedding Venue: Stone House of St. Charles

Location: St. Charles, MO

Wedding Photographer: Shelly Goodman Photography

2nd Shooter: Laura Hocking Photography

Camera: Nikon D5000

Lens: Tamron: 28-75mm f/2.8 macro

Thank you all so much for following along on my journey to chase my dream⇄career!!!!!

Because I love to know fun-facts about my peeps, what is the thing that fuels your daydreams??

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