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My dad wasn’t there for my wedding day. Because he passed when I was young, I didn’t have the honor of having him walk me down the aisle. Instead, my uncle took his place. When I asked him to give me away, he cried, which made me cry of course. Such happy tears, with a hint of sadness. He had been my dad’s best friend (who had ended up marrying his little sister, my aunt). Being able to hold my dad’s place was something he had never imagined. Probably never wanted. We all just wanted my dad to be there. But he took it. With joy. With sadness. With love. The morning of my wedding, he came to me with a white box in hand. When I opened it, it took my breath away. The most beautiful necklace. Beyond it’s physical beauty, it was more than a necklace, but a representation of who my dad was, who he could have been but never could be, as well as the man who stepped in to fill his place. So much love in such a delicate piece.

I have a small collection of memorable pieces like this that I keep tucked away in a box. My “treasure” box. Not everything is expensive or beautiful like this, but they hold the same significance. A vintage coin my grandma gave me when I was a kid. A pair of homemade orange bead earrings my mom and dad bought me at a fair in the 90s (so you can imagine how fashionable they are 😂). A rubber-band bracelet my niece made me. A Pokémon card (Pikachu if you’re wondering) my brother gave me when he moved to S. Korea. Little things that mean everything. I treasure them in my heart, as a reminder to my mind. .

Location: Belleville, IL

Prasiolite Quartz Necklace: JCPenney

Flowers: Old Time Pottery

Because I’m super curious in nature and love to know fun facts about my peeps, what’s in your treasure box??

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