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Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Anyone else wake up this morning and realize you forgot to prepare for your son’s Valentine’s party????? 😱

Mom fail........ I like to imagine I’m a super DIY mom. It’s one of my many dreams. Buuut, more often than not, I’m the “wake up twenty minutes before you leave” kind of mom. I love my sleep.....💤

So you can imagine this morning when I woke at my usual time, just enough for me to get dressed, the boys fed, their bags packed, and get in the car and go, only to realize that it was Valentine’s Day.... Didn’t have his cards done, nor had I made the “healthy snack” for his class like I had signed up to do. 🍓

Good job, Laura... I ran around like a crazy woman and sliced like I’ve never sliced before. Goodbye, DIY dreams! Hello, “it’s as good as it’s going to get” kind-of sort-of heart-shaped strawberries.... ❤️ We made it to class with a whopping minute to spare! ⏰

Location: Belleville, IL

Heart Balloons: Schnucks

Cream Lace Platter: Pioneer Woman (Walmart)

PJ Masks Valentine's Cards: Aldi

What fun did you guys prepare (or attempt to...) for your kiddos or lovies??? 🎁

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