The Walters | Family Session at Old Baum Church in Waterloo, IL | St. Louis Photography

The Old Baum Church is special. Not only is it one of the most epic locations I have been to, but it is also where Brian and Suzonna Walters got married! They visit this location almost every year to remind themselves of that special day!

And I love that they chose me to capture portraits for their family at this very location as well!

It's actually been a dream of mine to shoot here! My cousin got married at this same vintage building a little over a year ago! When Suzonna mentioned the location, I was like YES YES YES!!!!

We had so much fun together, and even little Isaac warmed up to me in the end!!! We avoided storms by a hair and even saw a double rainbow!!!!!

Here is the Walters Family!

Location | Old Baum Church, Waterloo, Illinois

Happy Fall!!!!!!!!!!

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