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hey friends!

Who I am? Good question.

I am a wedding & portrait photographer based in St. Louis, MO,

but am also an ecstatic wannabe world-traveler who is eager to meet you wherever your path is leading! I love connection, authenticity, and finding those special moments that make you - well, you - all mixed with a dab of creativity and beauty and a dash of pixie dust (sorry, Disney fan here!).

But who I am really? Don't we honestly all want to get beyond the screen and find out whom we're really working with? 

So, here we go:

Disney. Dr. Pepper. Dreams. Details. Dapper.

That's right... If you know anything about me, anything at all, 

at least know these 5 things. 

Why did I choose all D words? No idea..........


Want to know, "What in the world do these words have to do with anything???"

Read on, friends. Read on. 

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